Tying shoes (shorter version for kids who need help with the first few steps)
Grab one lace in each hand.
Pull the shoe laces tight with a vertical pull.
Cross the shoe laces.
Pull the front lace around the back of the other.
Put that lace through the hole.
Tighten the laces with a horizontal pull.
Make a bow.
Tighten the bow.

Tying shoes (longer version)
Pinch the laces.
Pull the laces.
Hang the ends of the laces from the corresponding sides of the shoe.
Pick up the laces in the corresponding hands.
Lift the laces above the shoe.
Cross the right lace over the left one to form a tepee.
Bring the left lace toward the student.
Pull the left lace through the tepee.
Pull the laces away from one another.
Bend the left lace to form a loop.
Pinch the loop with the left hand.
Bring the right lace over the fingers and around the looop.
Push the right lace through the hole.
Pull the loops away from one another.
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